Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend in Utah

Memorial weekend the boys and I were able to go visit my parents in Utah and spend some quality time with my Dad. His battle with cancer continues and boy what a rollercoaster ride it is! Cancer stinks! He is having a hard time right now so we want to make sure to make it up there alot to help out where we can and to spend as much time as we can with him...hopefully brightening up his day. He is such a courageous man and even in this trial he is a man of strength and an example to us. What can I say, he amazes me and is always my hero!

We enjoyed some special moments with the family and really cherish the time that we spend with them. To our surprise my brother and his family were visiting also so it was great to have the cousins spend time together also. All in all, it was a great weekend and we are looking forward to going up again after school is out. The boys were absolutely awesome and it is really fun taking road trips with them. We have a great time in the car and pretty soon Matthew can help out with the driving part, which will be nice.

It was funny because while we were there we got my Mom's doll collection out. It has been packed away in the garage. She has always loved dolls and has been collecting all different kinds of dolls for years. It is really funny because dolls actually kind of creep me out, I can't sleep in a room that has a lot of dolls in it. I know it is weird but I think it is because she always surrounded me with dolls when I was a little girl and at night I would swear I would see their mouths know kind of like the Chuckie movies or actually more like that Twilight Zone episode with "talking Tina". Anyways, we all had a fun time looking through Mom's dolls, even the boys had a good laugh looking at them. Here are some of their favorites: