Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brothers Photo Shoot

Well our intention was to have a family picture taken over Thanksgiving break for our Christmas cards this year. Unfortunately, Adam was so busy that week and with family visiting and going to San Diego for a couple of days we just could not get all together so I took the boys for a photo shoot. Now I find it very hard to pose 2 teenage boys without them looking gay and I also find it hard to keep them focused and not goofing off long enough to snap a picture. I swear they are harder to take pictures of now than when they were young! Matthew was the goofiest! Here are some picture from the shoot....

These were used for the card ---

And here were some of the out-takes (there were alot of these)
and these were not used for the card.....

They are goofs and they can drive me crazy but I love them and they do crack me up!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Year Re-Cap

I am having such a hard time starting blogging again and I think it is because I feel like I have to include all that has happened this past year. I just cannot do that----it is just too overwhelming! Lots has happened this last year and so I included a letter with our Christmas cards this year for those friends of ours that we do not see very often. It is a great recap of some of the things that have happened in our lives so I have decided to add it here to my blog and maybe I can get past the feeling of reviewing and just start blogging on our current day to day life. So here is a copy of the letter sent out this year----

Merry Christmas! We hope this greeting finds you and your families well and that the past year has been filled with happiness. This year has been a full one for us so we wanted to update you on our happenings:

Matthew (18) graduated from high school this past June. I can’t believe that we have a college student now! He finished his high school career strong by earning a 4.6 GPA and was one of the valedictorians in his class. He earned many awards and scholarships and is currently attending BYU on a full academic scholarship. We are so proud of him and glad that he has been awarded for all of his hard work. He loves every minute at BYU and is looking forward to serving a mission for the church this next year. We sure do miss him around here but we are so glad that he is having such wonderful and memorable experiences in Provo. He enjoys playing with his band KON (when he is home), reading, playing guitar, learning, takes an active interest in politics and loves to have a good time

Zack (14) is adjusting to being the only child at home and he absolutely loves having all of our attention focused on him. Ha ha This past June he culminated from Middle School and is currently a freshman in High School at our old alma mater Royal High. His life continues to be busy with starting early morning seminary, playing high school football and now he is currently on the wrestling team. He is gone from sun up ‘till sun down! He enjoys playing the drums, teaches himself songs on the piano, tries to find time for schoolwork and continues to work on achieving his Eagle Scout. He is such a good-natured kid and is really a pleasure to have around. We are trying to enjoy every moment we have with him home before he flies the coop like Matthew!

Adam has been kept busy still working for Los Angeles County Public Works. He has also added to his busy schedule when he was called to be Bishop of our Ward. Boy were we surprised! It keeps him with a full schedule but he feels blessed to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity. As for me, Pam, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful men! Adam is an amazing husband and father and the boys continue to bring us much joy and happiness. Life has been good for us this year with so many changes and milestones.

We were very fortunate this year to be able to take some great vacations and make memories as a family. On July 4th we were able to fly back East and enjoyed exploring Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. We had such a great time and are proud to say that we were able to travel using all public transit except for one day that we rented a car. It was awesome! We had so many fun experiences and moments that we will never forget. Adam and I were also able to finally celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary (which was actually in 2010) by going to Hawaii this last September. I was lucky enough to win the trip and some spending cash on the game show Let’s Make A Deal---so what’s better than a vacation but one that is free! We spent a relaxing week at the Turtle Bay Resort on North Shore and it was divine!

We hope and pray that all of you will enjoy a wonderful Christmas season and that your homes and families will have much joy in the coming year!