Monday, February 23, 2009

Loving Everyday

These last few months have been definitely a rollercoaster of emotions for my Dad and my whole family. We did not think that he would make it past New Years, at least that is what the doctor had told us back in September. We went to Utah every month, spent many hours visiting, spent the holidays together and many moments making precious memories and spent as much time with my Dad as we could thinking that we only had but just a few moments left with him. I am so happy to report that he is still with us and he is doing great! He had his complete tests last week and the Oncologist was happy to tell him that his cancer has shrunk and he does not need to have any Chemotherapy at this time. We are all so happy! His strength is coming back and he was even able to teach a Gospel Doctrine class which to him meant everything because he has missed being able to teach and serve at church. We feel so blessed to have more time with him here on earth. It has really been a learning experience for me and I have realized that I must always make a great effort to nurture those family relationships because we don't always know when we will lose someone. It is important to live each day to its fullest and to always appreciate all the blessings that we have everyday. I am so thankful for everyday that my Dad is here. It is truly a blessing!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!

Adam's birthday is today and he is turning 42. Yikes! I don't know if I am suppose to put that but oh well I did. Actually, I think that 42 is pretty young, it is the new 20, right? Well I think that he has alot to be proud of for the short 42 years he has lived on this earth.

He is a great son (not to me but to his parents)

The Love of my Life

A Scholar....So smart and intelligent and forever a Trojan!

I know. I should have a picture of him in his cap and gown on Graduation Day but it is a long story. Let's just say that there are no pictures from that day and it is my fault. Ok? I was sick with the flu and pregnant and I lost the camera. I will forever feel bad :(

A Wonderful Father!

The boys call him "Cowboy Dad" in this picture. His mustache is just a little too long and bushy.

A Hard Worker

Yes - he is the Master of Civil Engineering. That just cracks us up:)

A man who honors his Priesthood and I am always amazed at his dedication to his callings in the church.
I feel so blessed to call him my husband. I think that he is awesome! Happy Birthday Adam!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

We have had an ongoing tradition that on Valentines Day we give the boys a candy bar "love note" poster. I wait 'till they are asleep and then I put it in their room so that when they wake up Valentines Day they are pleasantly surprised. OK..they are not really surprised because I have been doing it since they had teeth but at least they act surprised. I think that they would be really bummed if I forgot one year. I take a picture of them every year with their "love note" and it is funny to see how they have changed! So Happy Valentines Day to our "BIG HUNKS"! You bring us so much Almond"JOY"! You are worth more than a"100 GRAND" to us! (You get the idea)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fabulous Fridays

Adam and I are routine type of people. I know that I work much better when I have a schedule, a regular routine. Such as, mop floors on Thursdays, vaccuum on Tuesdays, grocery shopping on Wednesday, etc. Yes I know that those all have to do with cleaning the house but those are just for example, I have a schedule (routine) for everything. Do I allow for change? Yes, of course, but I do like to stick to my routine. Now why do I call Fridays Fabulous? Because on my schedule, Fridays are Adam Fridays. Adam works a 4 day work week. It is rough during the week because we don't see much of him. He leaves at 6am and he does not get home 'till 8pm many nights. He thinks that I like that but of course I wish he was home more it is just that I have gotten used to it. I have had to get used to it. But the nice thing about a 4 day work week is that he does have Fridays off....every Friday. So to say the least this is our day! I try not to schedule anything on this day. I leave it open so that we can spend some time during the day together while the boys are at school. I love it!

We have gotten into a routine on Fridays and so far it works for us and I even look forward to it. Now it is nothing exciting but it works for us. Our FriDAYs go something like this: Friday morning I do go to the gym to work out and after my Power Step class, Adam usually meets me there and we play some racquetball (it is my new sport, fun!) then we go to El Pollo Loco for lunch and order our regular (it is not on the menu but are own creation and we love it)! Then we sit for probably about two hours, eating our meal, sipping on Diet Coke, laughing, talking and planning. It is our time to talk about things that we want to do, that we need to do, plan our activities, synchronize our calendars and plan for the future. I know that it does not sound exciting and you may ask why we dont' eat anywhere else. But we look forward to Fridays, El Pollo has become our place (and remember it can't be too nice because we are in our gym clothes) and I probably would not enjoy this with just anybody but I do enjoy it with my best friend! That is why I call Fridays Fabulous! We will probably switch it up sometime or make changes to the routine but for the last few months this has worked for us and I could not be more happy!! What is too cute is that we have noticed another regular couple at our place (El Pollo Loco) on Fridays, It is our old doctor and his wife and they are just too cute. They don't do much talking but they come with a newspaper and sit together and enjoy reading it while they eat their meal. It is darling! Last week someone was sitting in "our" spot so we had to take another booth but when they walked in we realized that it was their spot that we were sitting in so we graciously got up so that they could sit there. They are adorable! So now you know where to find us on a Friday afternoon. You can stop by and visit but don't stay long because it is "our" time : )

Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Reasons I Love February

#1 Reason
Ok I really do not like this holiday, I think that it is kind of silly. Many times this day causes alot of stress but sometimes it was the best day ever. I remember as a girl, hoping that you would get alot of candy grams at school so that you would look so cool. Many times, if not all the time, I fell short of looking so cool:( Then when I was working in an office it was the hopes of getting a big bouquet of flowers delivered to my desk, hopefully bigger than anybody elses but many times I fell short here also. I think many times this day would stress Adam out because he was so worried that whatever he did, it would not be enough and I would be disappointed. Luckily I have figured out that it is stupid to have one day where we show our love to our loved ones. Adam shows his love to me everyday. So now I enjoy the holiday and I don't get caught up in the gift part of it. Hey the day always involves candy and I do get flowers, so what more do you need? But this is a special day for us though because it is the anniversary of the day that Adam proposed to me. Yes, he did propose on Valentines Day and this year marks 19 years since that day when I was so smart and said "Yes!" So for that is one of the reasons why I love February!

Reason #2
Adam celebrates his birthday on the 19th! Not only do I love his birthday because it is a day that we celebrate Adam but also because he is 7 months older than me and it is the first day of me reminding him that he is older than me! I don't makes me feel good (at least until September).

Reason #3

Every February and October, Marie Callender's have all their pies for only $6.99! Yum! So during these months we will usually have a pie party where everybody brings their favorite Marie Callender Pie and we all share and overload on pie! We have had this tradition for quite awhile. Friends, Pie and Fun! Again, what more can you ask for?

February is a great month!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Am Such a Wimp!

I have realized this week that I do not make a very good sick
person. I always thought that I never let sickness get me down and that you drug up and carry on as normal but whatever I have had this week...drugs were just not enough.
These two items have been my best friends this last couple of days and I am ready to break up our relationship we have going. I have been pretty much knocked out unconscious all day but at night I seem to not be able to sleep. When your healthy you completely forget how being sick feels. Well now I remember...being sick stinks!! It took everything I had in me to take a shower the other day and as soon as I finished I needed a nap. This bug has zapped whatever strength I have. I do consider myself lucky that I have older kids that can fend for themselves and they have been wonderful. I take them to school, come home and collapse and then pick them up from school and then inform them that Mom will be upstairs in her bedroom, make yourself some dinner. They are very self sufficient and I appreciate the work that they have been doing around the house to make up for my leave of absence. I forgot how I did sickness when they were young and were fully dependent on me. At least now my job of Mother allows for sick days! Adam has kept his distance from me...something to do with germs or something. He has resigned to sleeping on the futon in the office downstairs because I have pretty much infected our bedroom upstairs. He actually has been missing in action all week! He says he has been busy but I think that he is trying to avoid the "sick" house. Anyways, enough of my complaining....I feel myself starting to mend, I hope. I am going to try to make it to the doctor today to make sure it is not strep. One thing about being sick though is that it makes you realize how blessed you are when you are healthy and feeling good! Well this took about all the strength that I have so I need to go take a nap....just kidding. I think that today I will actually try to get some stuff done around the house. Usually my "list to do" is full but right now my goals for today is to take a shower, do the dishes and see the doctor. Whoooo...what an exhausting day! Ha!