Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sounds of Christmas

One thing, out of the long list of things, that I love about Christmas, is the music. Christmas music is the best!! I have my car radio set on the Christmas station and I just sing along all day (my boys love it;) This year both Zack and Matthew performed their own Christmas music.

Zack had a concert at school and he is our own 'lil drummer boy. They sounded awesome!

Matthew and his group K.O.N. performed at the Ward Christmas Party and they did really well. We have video of it but I didn't post it because the video was not very good quality so here is a picture of the band with Santa.

I love Christmas time! It is the BEST!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tree Trimming

Once upon a time I had a dream that I would have the most perfect Christmas tree in my home with beautiful, shiny bulbs on it, all matching in color with beautiful ribbon wrapped all around. It would be my own personal Macy's tree and it would be stunning! Well our first few years of Christmases my tree was very color coordinated and it was lovely (unfortunately I do not have pictures) but since having kids my tree has taken on a different kind of look.
Now my tree is filled with ornaments of Pikachu, SpongeBob, Batman, Darth Vader and many other colorful characters.

It is filled with ornaments from all over the world, places we have traveled to, where we have vacationed and things that we have done. It is filled with ornaments of Baby's First Christmas, Our New Home and our first Christmas together.

It is filled with homemade ornaments that my boys have made us over the years, adorning pictures of them from the past.

Every time it is time to trim the tree a rush of memories and good times come back to us as we take each ornament out of the box. It is truly a walk down memory lane and brings us to laughter every time.
My tree might not be the perfect "Macy's" tree but it is one of love and memories of a family that loves one another. To me that is the most perfect tree ever!