Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally 12!

My baby is 12! Wow! When I look at old pictures it really just seems like yesterday when my boys were small. I remember cuddling with Zack and his sweet chubby cheeks and roly-poly body. Now I hug him and he is a lean, rock hard, muscular young man! They change so much but he is still my sweet, kind, hard-working, considerate and loving kid! I am sure those are adjectives he would not want me to use to describe him but instead use words such as tough, strong, cool, handsome, awesome and studly (which he are these also). He will always be my baby though:) Just look at that it!

Zack celebrated his birthday by having a party and it got me thinking how different birthday parties are at this age. Gone are the days of the "theme" parties that took alot of creativity and prep time. I use to have so much fun planning those kind of parties and would start months earlier in planning and now we plan parties at the last minute! I fondly remember the Blues Clues party where all the kids were Blue searching after the clues to find a prize, each having their own Handy Dandy notebook and taking turns sitting in the 'thinking' chair. Come cute are those hats that I made?
There was also the pirate party that was so much fun and the invitations were a treasure map. The kids had fun dressing up as a pirate and going on a treasure hunt, walking the plank and eating sailboat hot dogs. And look at that cake I made. Wow, what happened to that Mom from the past that actually took more than a day to make a cake!

Well those days are in the past. Now this is what we get - a bunch of friends coming over, playing ping-pong and pool, jamming on guitars and drums, jumping on the trampoline and eating, eating, eating! Pretty much just going wild but having a great time together! You gotta love boys....I wonder if next year I can talk one of them into a Spa birthday party??? I think not.


Well Halloween has come and gone and it is becoming the holiday that does not need much prep time. My boys were very easy this year when it came to dressing up and they figured out what they wanted to be on their own. I did not give them any of my creative ideas, not that they would have listened anyways. Zack decided on his own that he wanted to dress up as a nerd. OK, thats easy and then he went one step further and thought it would be 'cool' to be a beat up nerd. Yeah...thats cool!! lol I told him that he should prepare himself for people saying "Zack, why did you not dress up?" and of course their were some that did not disappoint but most people, to be funny, said instead "That's a great costume! You dressed up as your brother!" Ha Ha (Poor Matthew) It is a good thing that Matthew has a high self esteem and a good sense of humor!

And we are not sure what Matthew was suppose to be so we just called him "purple haired boy". That was his costume....he dyed his hair purple! What?? I think he was dressing up as one of the band members from Blink 182 but I am not sure on that. Oh well they both had a great Halloween and enjoyed themselves...Matthew going to Fright Fest at Magic Mountain and Zack trick or treating with friends. They might have not won any costume contests but they did have a great time!!