Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Christmas Recap

I love the Christmas season and this Christmas was full of family, parties and baking! The boys and I made a quick trip up to Utah, when they got out of school, to visit family and also to pick up my Mom to come back with us for the holidays. We were excited to have her come out and spend Christmas with us! In Utah we gathered with family and I especially enjoyed playing with the new little additions!

They are so cute...I just love babies! These are my, I guess you would call them my Great Neice and Great Nephew! Whatever, all I know is that I am their Great Aunt and I think that they are just adorable! It is hard to believe that my Mom and Dad have 17 great grandchildren now! Wow! While in Utah we also visited my Dad's grave, the holidays are much different without him here.
He will forever be in our thoughts and our hearts. What an amazing man!
Then back home we traveled to spend the holidays with Mom at our home. We had such a great time having her here and were able to go and do alot. My sister and her husband also joined us on Christmas day. No better way to spend Christmas than to be with family:)
The boys were spoiled, again this year.Matthew with his new bass

Zack with his IPod Touch
After Christmas my brother and his family came for a day which was fun, for the cousins love being together. We went ice skating and they all enjoyed the time that they had with Grandma while she was here. Then Zack and I took my Mom back home to Utah and returned in the same day so that we would be back for New Years Eve. And we partied the New Year in with friends and hope that 2010 is a great year! It was a great holiday season!!

Monday, February 1, 2010


And this is why I have not scrapbook'ed for a long time! I am a very messy scrapbooker and I believe that I have lost any bit of creativity that I had ever had! My dining room table has looked like this for over a week now (except for the one night the missionaries came to dinner, then the mess was moved to the laundry room temporarily) and all that I am working on is scrapbooking our Alaska vacation that we took in 2008! I am happy to say that I am finally finished with it but I was hoping to get much more done than just that weeks worth of pictures. Oh well!! Note to self: In order to get caught up with my scrapbooking I must have a scrapbook room...that is all there is to it:)