Saturday, November 1, 2008

A very different Halloween

It was definitely a bitter-sweet Halloween this year. Halloween night found me alone with Adam (which I love), kids gone, watching Adam eat pizza and watching the Science Channel (not a big fan) and periodically answering the door to trick or treaters. Can it get any worse? OK it wasn't that bad but it was just weird for us to be both home passing out candy, with no kids around and it was also kind of nice. Matthew had gone to a Halloween party at his seminary teachers house and Zack was trick-or-treating with his friend, James and hangin' out at his house...both of them were having a great time! I have a feeling that this is how our Halloweens will be for now on. We are off the hook of taking our kids out I said, it is bittersweet!
I was thinking that we so should of had a Halloween party since Halloween landed on a Friday night for parents such as us with no kids at home or even parents with children and they could trick-or-treat around our neighborhood together. I think that it would be so much fun! Oh well there is always next year - Halloween will be on a Saturday night. I will start planning it now:)

But a funny thing did happen last night and as always I am such a dork! I went to pick up Matthew from his party and when I took him to the party I had followed someone there so I really wasn't sure how to get there. But as I was driving there at almost 11pm, I believed I had remembered the street that their house was on so I didn't even look at the street sign to make sure. I knew the address of the house was 511 so I found the house number and went to the front door and knocked. I did not get a good look at the house earlier that evening when I had dropped him off but the house seemed a little different but I didn't think anything of it because it was the right address, 511. The house was dark, which surprised me, but there were some lights upstairs on so I thought they must be up there watching a movie and they could not hear me knocking. So I continued to knock louder and louder. I start to really bang on the door. No answer. By this time I am looking in the front windows, ringing the doorbell and getting very frustrated...I was practically calling out Matthews name. I went back to my car, pulled the stake directory out, looked up their phone number and gave the house a call. They answered and I asked them to send Matthew out front because I was waiting for him in the car. So there I sat, waiting for him to come out, but still no Matthew was coming. I am a bit irritated by now. I double check the address, yep it is the right house number but I decide to check the street name so I drive to the corner and what do you know, oops, it is the wrong street. I felt like such a fool and those peoples door that I was banging on were probably in the process of calling the police to let them know there was a crazy lady outside their house, harassing them. Oops! I preceded to drive to the next street and lo and behold there is Matthew waiting on the curb with a look saying where were you? I am such a dork! I am just so glad that those people did not open their door, I would have really felt like a fool! To say the least, we had a great laugh over it!!


McB's said...

K that is so funny, it's a good thing you weren't dressed up in a costume...that might have gotten ugly!

Mandi and Rob said...

That is great Pam. I had a lady in my ward do that to people down the street thinking that it was my house. She called and said I am her and so I looked outside and she was not there. I saw her parked down the street and she was knocking at someone else's door and so I called her and she was oh my gosh this is the wrong house. So funny!