Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Fever

I think that Adam has spring fever! He has been taking well deserved vacation days lately. A couple days off one week and one day the next week, it has been wonderful! It has almost been like mini vacations for the both of us without all the hassle but just enjoying being at home and hanging out together. We have taken advantage of the beautiful weather we have had and the beautiful green hills surrounding Simi by go hiking. There is nothing like the green hills, flowers blooming and sun shining to want to be outside. The pictures just do not do it justice but the hills do look wonderful right now.

Besides going hiking we enjoyed everyday by playing raquetball, playing tennis, going out to lunch, going to the movies and shopping. It really has been wonderful! I can't wait 'till Adam retires, if this is what it will be like.

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elegyrl said...

just make sure he doesn't pretend to push you off the cliff... it's what i would try to do! Just to scare you :) I have been trying to think of a new way to harass you lately but I just don't have any ideas... well I had one a few weeks ago but decided it was too mean! But a good hike might do the trick...if only I had a better knee to go with :)