Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well Halloween has come and gone and it is becoming the holiday that does not need much prep time. My boys were very easy this year when it came to dressing up and they figured out what they wanted to be on their own. I did not give them any of my creative ideas, not that they would have listened anyways. Zack decided on his own that he wanted to dress up as a nerd. OK, thats easy and then he went one step further and thought it would be 'cool' to be a beat up nerd. Yeah...thats cool!! lol I told him that he should prepare himself for people saying "Zack, why did you not dress up?" and of course their were some that did not disappoint but most people, to be funny, said instead "That's a great costume! You dressed up as your brother!" Ha Ha (Poor Matthew) It is a good thing that Matthew has a high self esteem and a good sense of humor!

And we are not sure what Matthew was suppose to be so we just called him "purple haired boy". That was his costume....he dyed his hair purple! What?? I think he was dressing up as one of the band members from Blink 182 but I am not sure on that. Oh well they both had a great Halloween and enjoyed themselves...Matthew going to Fright Fest at Magic Mountain and Zack trick or treating with friends. They might have not won any costume contests but they did have a great time!!

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