Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Addition

We have a new addition to our family-

Unfortunately not a new baby or family member, which I would love to announce, but to Adam I guess it is his baby. Adam was searching long and hard for this new addition and finally he found the perfect one------

A Convertible 1969 Mustang

Quite the beauty, huh? I am sure I am not doing it justice since I am not listing the horsepower, V8 something or other, etc, but hey at least I know it is a Mustang! I feel bad because I really don't have a passion for cars, I have always just thought of them as a means to get from one place to another. That is probably why I have had some interesting cars in my life, including a Ford Fiesta that had to be started with a screwdriver. I am just not into the car thing....but Adam loves his classic car and I have got to admit it looks very nice. It cracks me up as we cruise around town and see men of all ages drop what they are doing to stare and drool as we drive by. People all over are giving Adam the wave of approval, even a man in a sweet new Porsche gave Adam a thumbs up as he drove by admiring the 'Stang. It absolutely cracks me up!

He didn't even think of it when he bought the car but he realized after that we have a 1996 convertible Mustang (from a mid-life crisis 10 yrs ago) and now we have a 1969 (from his current mid-life crisis)! '69---'96! Cool, huh?!? What is even funnier is that when I was in Utah he posted some pictures on Facebook of his new wheels and I had to crack up because he actually had posed the cars in the driveway! Oh my! Boys and their toys:)

People have told Adam that he is very lucky that he has a wife that would let him get the car. Lucky he is but not for the reason they say. Come on! He works hard, he has made a sweet life for us and personally I think he deserves to buy himself something nice (and quite affordable, I must say). It has been fun to see him excited about his new baby and as long as we get to enjoy it with him----- Great!


Liz Rose said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

427 Stroker, 500 HP, fast!!!

Name: Bliss said...


mid-life crisis, much?

Name: Bliss said...


it's gorg !

:) sharon

AJsGirls said...

Seriously awesome.