Thursday, November 18, 2010

Officially a Teenager

My baby is officially a teenager! Zack turned 13 years old this month! Most people thought he was turning 14, even his Grandma, but he is a young one for his grade-- probably one of the youngest in 8th grade. At 5'8 1/4" tall he looks as though he should be 14! (I had to include the 1/4 inch because it is very important at this age)

Zack has changed so much this last year. He has grown taller, his voice has deepened, he has become maturer (believe it or not), he has quite the six-pack and I have got to admit I think he is a pretty cool kid. More important than all of that he is a good kid and he still loves his Mom! Zack had a party last year so we just celebrated his day as a family and as always he likes to get money- It is so hard to see them grow up but exciting to see who they become-----LOVE this kid!


McB's said...

wow they grow up so fast huh? i remember him in jr. primary! LOL. happy teenager bday Zack :)

p.s. what's up with the justin beiber hair, hehe.

Catherine & Jonathan Edie said...

That cake looks gooood! Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday:)