Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brothers Photo Shoot

Well our intention was to have a family picture taken over Thanksgiving break for our Christmas cards this year. Unfortunately, Adam was so busy that week and with family visiting and going to San Diego for a couple of days we just could not get all together so I took the boys for a photo shoot. Now I find it very hard to pose 2 teenage boys without them looking gay and I also find it hard to keep them focused and not goofing off long enough to snap a picture. I swear they are harder to take pictures of now than when they were young! Matthew was the goofiest! Here are some picture from the shoot....

These were used for the card ---

And here were some of the out-takes (there were alot of these)
and these were not used for the card.....

They are goofs and they can drive me crazy but I love them and they do crack me up!!