Monday, June 2, 2008

Goodbye School Plays

Last Friday night we went to see Zack perform in his class play at school. It was a very cute musical about America, Daniel Boone, the "Golden Spike", yada yada yada. He was so adorable in it! He is quite the little actor and of course he had some dance moves and his singing is pretty good also. All in all, he is a pretty good performer and likes to be onstage. It was really cool though because one of the boys who play one of the main parts was sick the night of the play so Zack had to fill in at the last minute and he did both of the parts perfectly. You would have never known that he was filling in at the last minute. He knew all the songs and dance steps perfectly. We were quite proud of our little performer!

It makes me sad though to realize that this is probably the last school play that I will be having one of my kids perform in. Unless Zack does Drama in middle school or high school but I highly doubt that he will. Elementary school is the best and I am really sad to see it come to an end but all things eventually end. We will enjoy these last couple of weeks of it though!


Jo said...

Your boys amaze me. Way to go Zack!

Kaye said...

I loved my elementary school play. Those are great. If you really miss them you can borrow the VHS of me as Wendy in the '84 production of Peter is really good!