Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Surfer Boy

Last Saturday Zack's friend Connor had a surfing birthday party. His Mom is the party guru and always goes all out and this year was no different. They paid for the kids to have surfing lessons out at the beach which is a dream come true for Zack. Zack loves the beach and the ocean so he has always wanted to surf. So we headed out to the beach for a great family day because of course we wanted to see him surf. The one thing we did not plan for was how cold it was going to be at the beach. Every year I forget that even though it is hot in Simi it does not mean it will be hot at the beach. And how long have I lived here??? So we were freezing and unfortunately the rest of us did not get in the water but at least we had towels to bundle up in.

The surfing lessons were awesome but I kept thinking there was no way that all of these kids were going to be able to get up on their boards. I was amazed though and by the end of the two hours all of them had pretty good rides. After about 2 hours the kids slowly started coming out to play on the shore but not Zack! He was the last one in the water and loving every minute of it! He was awesome! So now we are going to rent some boards and Zack is going to teach us how to surf. It looked so fun!

The hard part was putting on the wetsuit, especially because he was already wet and sandy. Like the instructor said, "It is just like putting on pantyhose" to which Zack says "Oh OK".

Of course he had to do some posing on the board. He had the longest board there!

First, they had to learn what to do while they were on the sand and then they graduated to trying it in the water.
And there is my boy! Surfing the wave all the way in. I must say he has pretty good form.

Thats our surfer boy! I don't think that this will be his last time surfing - He loved it!!


Julianna said...

that is so awesome! go zack!

Heather Harris said...

oh my gosh that looks like so much fun. What a great bday party.

Jo said...

That looks like so much fun! Go Zack!

Mandi and Rob said...

So Cute! I want to try. We will have to come out and have Zack us too.

E-Star said...

What a great birthday idea? That mom must be the coolest mom on the block...My title is meanest right now...
Makes me miss the ocean!