Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beware of Zack

Zack loves to scare us! He creeps around the house hiding from us just so that he can jump out when we walk by and scare the pants off of us. He thinks it is so funny, and the more of a scared reaction he gets out of us the better. He has been found hiding in the pantry (for who knows how long) so that when one of us finally opens the door, he pops out and freaks us out. He seems to be lurking around every corner, hiding behind furniture, hiding in closets waiting for just the right moment to jump out. I swear I am going to have a heart attack and I tell him this but he keeps doing it to me. Nice kid. The sad thing is - is that he always gets me (and Matthew), you think we would have learned by now. So be careful when you are at our house, if you think you see the boogeyman it is probably just Zack lurking in the shadows.



Kaye said...

If Zack needs a new family, he would fit right in here! I am pretty sure those are the same teeth George wore in the sacrament program a couple of years ago.

Jo said...

That is a boy after my own heart! I love scaring people especially my kids! I've learned long ago that I can't scare Mike though. Not because he doesn't get scared but because he'd snap my neck! That really put a damper on things!

McB's said...

sounds like my husband! LOL

White Family said...

AHHHH... he scared me! Hey just wanted you to know I found a cheap long sleeve orange shirt for you:

You can see if they have it in the Forever 21 store in the Simi Mall. I love that place. It's dangerous for me in there.

Rachel said...

This is how I remember him!

Anonymous said...

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