Sunday, February 8, 2009

3 Reasons I Love February

#1 Reason
Ok I really do not like this holiday, I think that it is kind of silly. Many times this day causes alot of stress but sometimes it was the best day ever. I remember as a girl, hoping that you would get alot of candy grams at school so that you would look so cool. Many times, if not all the time, I fell short of looking so cool:( Then when I was working in an office it was the hopes of getting a big bouquet of flowers delivered to my desk, hopefully bigger than anybody elses but many times I fell short here also. I think many times this day would stress Adam out because he was so worried that whatever he did, it would not be enough and I would be disappointed. Luckily I have figured out that it is stupid to have one day where we show our love to our loved ones. Adam shows his love to me everyday. So now I enjoy the holiday and I don't get caught up in the gift part of it. Hey the day always involves candy and I do get flowers, so what more do you need? But this is a special day for us though because it is the anniversary of the day that Adam proposed to me. Yes, he did propose on Valentines Day and this year marks 19 years since that day when I was so smart and said "Yes!" So for that is one of the reasons why I love February!

Reason #2
Adam celebrates his birthday on the 19th! Not only do I love his birthday because it is a day that we celebrate Adam but also because he is 7 months older than me and it is the first day of me reminding him that he is older than me! I don't makes me feel good (at least until September).

Reason #3

Every February and October, Marie Callender's have all their pies for only $6.99! Yum! So during these months we will usually have a pie party where everybody brings their favorite Marie Callender Pie and we all share and overload on pie! We have had this tradition for quite awhile. Friends, Pie and Fun! Again, what more can you ask for?

February is a great month!!


McB's said...

Oh so Adam's going to turn 20? LOL I love pies also, too bad my trainer will have a kaniption if she sees I'm eating pie! Have a great February :)

Heather said...

so agree with Valentines day. Never been a big fan of it. Love that Adam shares a birthday with my daughter. And YEA for MC pie's. Lemon sourcream being a favorite.

Fairchild Family said...

So much fun, I hope I get invited to the pie party :)

Robert and Natalie said...

ditto to Tiffany I love pie! I am sure if adults send candy grams you would have more than anyone else :)

Kim said...

I so agree with you! I used to hate V-day, but as my kids have gotten older I love it more. I get to make it fun for them and I don't feel pressure to get gifts in public so I don't feel like a loser.

Name: Bliss said...

~~I can't decide when the two of you are more adorable looking; then or now!