Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!

Adam's birthday is today and he is turning 42. Yikes! I don't know if I am suppose to put that but oh well I did. Actually, I think that 42 is pretty young, it is the new 20, right? Well I think that he has alot to be proud of for the short 42 years he has lived on this earth.

He is a great son (not to me but to his parents)

The Love of my Life

A Scholar....So smart and intelligent and forever a Trojan!

I know. I should have a picture of him in his cap and gown on Graduation Day but it is a long story. Let's just say that there are no pictures from that day and it is my fault. Ok? I was sick with the flu and pregnant and I lost the camera. I will forever feel bad :(

A Wonderful Father!

The boys call him "Cowboy Dad" in this picture. His mustache is just a little too long and bushy.

A Hard Worker

Yes - he is the Master of Civil Engineering. That just cracks us up:)

A man who honors his Priesthood and I am always amazed at his dedication to his callings in the church.
I feel so blessed to call him my husband. I think that he is awesome! Happy Birthday Adam!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! I'm right behind you!

Lori said...


Robert and Natalie said...

I'd have to agree Awesome suits him well Happy Birthday Adam

Jaimers said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Adam! Don't worry, Pam, Simon didn't even go to his graduation b/c of me! xx

Kaye said...

I love that he is a "Master" of something...that is cool! We all love Adam Walden!

AJsGirls said...

Those pictures are just priceless! Happy, Happy Birthday Adam Dear!

Kim said...

Happy birthday Adam! That is fantastic that you have an actual sign calling you a master of something.