Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adam's Other Family

Adam has been in the Young Adult Wards Branch Presidency for about a year now, which keeps him very busy! Sometimes it is really hard because he is never able to come to church with us so the boys and I go to our ward and Dad goes to his. I am sure that many new people in the ward think that I am divorced or widowed because they never see me with my husband which is sad ): About twice a month we will attend the Young Adult Ward sacrament meeting so that we can see Adam and we do enjoy it. Now this would be a very hard thing except for the fact that Adam LOVES his calling and believes it to be the best calling anyone could have! He really enjoys working with the men in the branch presidency and he loves the young adults. I have never seen him happier in a calling especially one that requires so much of his time. I am so happy for him and we (our family) have been blessed with meeting so many wonderful young adults and our activity schedule has been added to with the many events that they have. What a blessing it has been in our lives!

Last night they had their 4th Annual Cover Band Concert on the back lawn of the Cochran Bldg. How fun was it to set up our lawn chairs and rock out with these talented young people! They were amazing! All the bands were made up of young adults and it was one of the best concerts I have been to for a long time. Very fun!! I took these pictures very early on in the evening. We were rockin' until 10 pm and by that time there was a mosh pit in front of the stage!!

Adam with President Anderson...loving his calling!

Zack and Branden chillin' to the music-

Great Music!

Funny Emcees!! Good Time!

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