Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Utah Vacation

The boys and I were able to spend a week with my parents in St George and we had a BLAST! You can check out pictures below. Adam had to work and we missed him terribly, but the boys were ableto spend some wonderful quality time with their Grandma and PaTa. Everyday we were off doing something new and everyday we made sure to cool off in some kind of water...it was a balmy 108 degrees (actually a very dry heat). My boys just love their grandparents and I have got to admit they do have the best around! It was so good to see my parents doing so well especially with all the health problems they have been experiencing this last year. Just an update on my Dad who is battling cancer....the latest body scan shows that he is responding very well to the treatment and he has had dramatic results! The doctor is amazed! We sure have been so blessed in our family! My Dad is doing wonderfully and so is my Mom! Thanks for a GREAT time, we miss you tons already!

We were sad to leave my Mom and Dad's place but we were anxious to see Dad (Adam) again. Well when we arrived home we realized that Adam was still in the shopping mode. We came home to find a new mattress on our bed, a new cool shower nozzle in the boys shower and a trampoline in the backyard! Remember the "white trash" pool that we got a couple of months ago (news from an old post), well we got rid of it already. It was crap! (Excuse the language) The filter on it was way too small and it took so many chemicals to keep it clean...more than a regular pool! So we took it back...Sam's Club is great that way. So after removing it from our backyard we had a big patch of dead grass so what better to cover it but with a big trampoline! The kids are loving it! They make me nervous but Adam did get a net thing to go around it, its just not up yet. I guess I will have to plan another vacation without Adam because who knows we might come home to new leather couches in the Family Room???? hint hint


Heather Harris said...

I love the hint hint. Glad to hear your parents are doing well. Good to have you back. Ü

Kim said...

Awesome! Isn't it great when you get a little suprise like that? Go Adam with the shopping!