Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to Normal

Well now I am back to my regular blogging time now that school has started. Matthew decided to do early-early morning seminary so he needs to be at the church at 6am now instead of 6:30am. Isn't that nice of him? It gets me up even earlier. So today was the first day and of course last night I had the first day of school jitters so I could not get to sleep. I go through this every year like it is my first day of school. I panic thinking I am not going to get up on time and I will be late the first day, I lay awake for hours constantly checking the alarm to make sure it is set right and not for pm instead of am. Oh how I hate the first day of school jitters...I am too old for this!
The boys are excited to get started with school but I hope they don't have alot of work to make up. Yes, we are loser parents and we had them miss the first 3 days of school so that we could enjoy our cruise but it was worth it! I hope that today goes well for them and even though I am not a nap-type of person, I believe that I will be taking a nap today! Yeah for early-early morning seminary!!!!


Heather said...

yuk to early seminary. Glad that you are back we missed you. I am very jealous, but glad you had fun.

Pam said...

By the way - I never did get my nap!

Kaye said...

I always wondered who rode their bikes to the gym....now I know! You two are out of control. I'm right there with you on the paper piles....just adds more mess. Zack has homework? I've got to check with James more....he has told me he hasn't had any yet....hmmm?