Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poet and Didn't even know it!

Matthew had to write a 30 line poem, about anything, for his English class. I remember him working on it for an hour or so but I never did see the finished product. I did not proofread it before he turned it in but when he got it back from the teacher he told me he had gotten an "A" and that the teacher commented that it was "thought provoking" and "very good work". So out of curiousity I just had to read it, I wanted to see this "thought provoking" poem. Was I ever blown away! I think he has a real talent for writing and I never knew it. It is very deep, so I thought that I would post it today-


Two very different views collide
Their dark discord destroys us
Their feud is a knife
It slices us apart
It exposes the worst within us
The scars it has left
We will never forget
If only they knew
Their fanciful frays only hurt us
Their selfish needs restrict compromise
Confusing causes boggle the mind
Religion, race, gender, political views
It is an immature squabble
That often involves mature adults
Like a vase that’s broken
A smashed society cannot succeed
We decide the future
Conflict’s counter, unity we may choose
Can we fix shattered shards?
Can we correct corrupt cowards?
Can we douse fiery flames?
Can we reverse century-long conflict?
Can we agree with our environment?
Can we prevent problems?
Can we deal with trials?
Can we accept all people?
Can we refrain from judging?
Can we allow freethinking?
Will we? No one can truly tell
But can we. Yes!


E-Star said...

Happy Birthday....

Kaye said...

Can't believe that kids vocabulary....he is so lucky to be so smart!!!

ps....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! & thanks for running my errands

Jo said...

Wow! I'm so impressed!

Kelly said...

He is very talented. Thanks for sharing.

Jaimers said...

Go Matthew...or should I say Thoreau!?! Happy Birthday! I love and miss you...loads!

Pam said...

Thank you for all the birthday greetings! It has been a great one!!

Shand and Bry said...

Wow that's impressive! What a talent! And Happy Birthday yesterday. I'm sorry I'm a little late. :)

Kim said...

What a great writer!! Good job Matthew.