Thursday, October 1, 2009

School Pictures

This year I decided to be somewhat of a rebel and not order the boys school pictures. I hate spending too much money on a picture that I don't get to preview and are usually not the best picture of them. I think it is a rip! In years past we have paid for some really dorky pictures, no offense boys, I do believe that they are really handsome but some of the school pictures have been pretty funny! I have many examples, unfortunately, but I will only share one of each:
This one of Matthews we have named:

This one of Zack's we have named:

Hunchback of Notre Dame

This year I decided to take the boys to a studio to get their school portrait done so that I can pick the best shot. I mean I do have to have at least a 5x7 for my mantle! I took them to Picture People and got them done and I think that they turned out pretty good. And it was much cheaper! They will look nice on my mantle and the goofy ones they take at school will at least still be in their yearbooks...ha ha

7th grade

11th Grade


Jaimers said...

Handsome boys!

Lori said...

Matt's "surprise" picture is priceless!

McB's said...

YES much better, LOL. I love the surprise one, that made me really laugh!

Jo said...

he he he he!

Kim said...

Those are great. Its kind of nice having the dorky pictures though. Don't you think?

Name: Bliss said...

Gotta love'em!

Cindy said...

oh i wish wish wish i would have done that!!!! The pics are such a rip at school! I hate them!