Thursday, April 15, 2010


I grew up never really knowing my cousins. Sure we would visit them once in awhile but we didn't see each other enough to really become close. I am so happy that my kids get to experience the relationships that they have with their cousins. Me, being the youngest in the family, makes it where most of their cousins are much older than them. In fact on my side all of their cousins are married (Jeremy will be at the end of the month) and the majority of them have children of their own except for the ones that are pictured here with them. It has been so nice to have these 'older' cousins be such great examples for my boys and set such an example of righteous living. My boys admire them and think that they are all pretty awesome, which they are!
We had a visit from their 'younger' cousins over Spring Break, my brother's kids who are around the same age as them. Matthew and Whitney are less than a month apart and it has been fun watching them change and grow together. I could fill volumes of scrapbooks with all the pictures that we have of the both of them together! It is always a good time when we are all together! It seems like only yesterday that these 'younger' cousins along with my boys were the little kids in the family----now we have a group of teenagers! It is crazy! I sure love this group of kids---they are the BEST in my book:))


Jennifer (Heckaman) Jenkins said...

As one of the "older" (do I really have to use that word??) cousins I have to say your boys and the Petersens are pretty cool too! It really is CRAZY how they're growing up!!

Jaimers said...

Ditto, Jens! I'm next to the oldest cousin, and my how time has flown! I feel so close to the youngest ones, too, even though we never were able to spend much time together! I'm still expecting some cousins to come stay with me sometime...ANYTIME!!!! Oh, and Pam, it was important for us to have a young, cool Aunt to look up to for our example! I want to be like you! x