Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The "Man Cave"

Thank goodness we have a 3 car garage because the third bay has become, what we call, the "Man Cave". It is Adam's own place where he loves to hang out and he can have all of the stuff he loves surrounding him. I snuck in and snapped a shot of him enjoying his time hanging in his cave. If you look at the picture closer you will discover 3 computer screens, 2 televisions, a desk, a printer, file cabinets, bikes, a weight bench and weights, barbells, boxes of wires and computer parts, a stress-relieving punching bag and the all important 2 litre of Diet Coke, etc. I think the only thing that is missing is a mini -fridge---- but the one that I gave him he has in his office at work! This doesn't even show the other part of the garage that is filled with all of his tools and saws and such. It is the one place where he can keep things how he wants them and he doesn't have me picking up after him or making him clean up. If we can't find Dad we know where to look!
Hmmmm....maybe I should think of making a room a "Woman Cave" or better yet a "Woman Retreat"?????


Robert and Natalie said...

wow lucky Adam!

Kaye said...

I'm sending Scott down there! The only retreat I have is the gym, that's not right!!! Very cool though

McB's said...

Oh my gosh that has got to be the funniest picture! He has so much crap in that garage and how lucky for him to be surrounded by all that he loves...all in one giant garage!

Yes, you really need a "mom's retreat" :)

AJsGirls said...

Love all the posts, Pam! Lucky men, they get to take up all the space. Aaron says he gets the office because I get the kitchen. Huh? Don't worry, I punched him. ;)