Friday, April 11, 2008

Can't Wait 'till Summer!

Today has been such a beautiful day it is feeling like summer. Living in CA my whole life I am use to sunny days that is for sure. Sometimes the sun shines too long that I wish for a rainy day, a change in the weather. But right now all I want is sunshine! The only thing is that when the weather heats up then I am ready for school to be out. The only bad thing about the heat is when it is suppose to be over 90 degrees at the track meet tomorrow. Not looking forward to that....boy reading my blog makes me realize how much I hate them. I need to embrace them and began to love them. I have friends there that I can visit with and most importantly I can enjoy seeing my son doing what he loves. If I remember that maybe my attitude will change.......but that is very doubtful, lets be honest!

Matthew is playing on the Frosh/Soph Volleybal team at his high school this year and he is absolutely loving it. It has been alot of fun and the games are pretty exciting. They have been undefeated this season before Wednesday, that is when they lost to a team that hasn't won a game all season and to make things worst it was their rival school Simi High!! It was horrible! It was a real bummer! At least our JV and Varsity team won that night. Let's hope they win the rest of their games this season and we will be League Champions! Yeah!!


E. Rose said...

Ahhh Pam-- I love reading your blog! I actually like hanging around with you--I laugh so much, I love it! So reading your thoughts is almost as good!!
Good for Matthew and the Volleyball--he is going to be a heartbreaker. :)

Niftymomof4 said...

OK When did your kids get old enough to go to High School! Wow time sure has flown... It doesn't seem like we have been away from CA all that long but this post made me realize how much time has gone by...and as a Simi High Alumni I have to say "Yeah Pioneers!" Even when they suck they can still pull off the rival victory!