Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah, Monday!!

Run, Zack, Run!!

Well, what a wonderful weekend it has been! I love conference weekend and the talks that were given were inspiring and the sustaining of our new prophet was wonderful. President Hinkley was an amazing prophet and to think all that was accomplished during his time as prophet is truly amazing and he will be missed. I love PJ Sunday. Not only because I get to watch Church in my pajamas but because of hearing the inspiring words that are spoken and also because we actually had Adam home the whole day on Sunday. He loves his calling so much in the Young Adult ward and I am so happy for him but we do miss having him with us on Sundays so it was a nice change. We loved having him with us from morning 'till was WONDEFUL!!

I don't usually look forward to Mondays but I was looking forward to having the boys back to school for the full day so that I can get some spring cleaning done. I am in the mood and I need to do it when the mood hits or I will never do it. Closets are filled to the brim and to open a cupboard in our house is almost like playing JENGA" as Matthew says. With Spring Break behind us and Zack had early day all last week the house has been piling up, especially in my hiding places so this week is the week to get everything in order. I actually look forward to hauling out all the old stuff and school papers galore. Paper, paper, paper everywhere! It drives me crazy! Oh well....Happy Cleaning!!

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E. Rose said...

Pam!! Your blog looks great!!! I love the picture of your boys as babies--what cuties!
I don't think you guys could ever be white trash--even with a pool like that--it'll be cool now! :)