Sunday, April 20, 2008

Neglected House

Last week on my way to taking Zack to piano I noticed that our old house that we had owned was up for sale in the Texas tract. That was the first house we had bought and we loved it! Not only do we have alot of wonderful memories there but I really did love the house itself. It was small but it had personality. The living area had a bright, roomy feeling and we had plenty of parties there. The back yard had a great patio, large grass area and a fenced in pool (real pool). We loved it and we have always regretted saling it and we wish we would have kept it and rented it out when we moved into our current house.

So to see it for sale you could imagine my eagerness to see it and see how much they were saling it for at the chance we could repurchase it. Now home prices are dropping here but this has dropped quite a considerable amount. I found out it was in foreclosure, already vacated and was saling for the price of $415,000 so we just had to go by and take a look at it. What a depressing thing that was. The house was totally neglected. The front and back yards were just a sea of weeds and totally thrashed. As we let oursleves into the side gate..yes we were trespassing...we were shocked that it was even the same place that we had lived. I can't even describe the mess and we didn't look under the huge wood cover they had covering the pool. I can only imagine what we would find. To our surprise the back door was unlocked so we continued into the house. The kitchen was totally stripped of any of its appliances and the place was just a pit. I seriously felt like crying and felt as though we had let our poor little house down. How could we sale it to people that could not take care of it or take any pride in it. It was so depressing! It was amazing to me to see that neglecting a house can seriously turn a beautiful home into a huge dump!

Adam still was thinking that maybe for the right price we could purchase it and put money into it and then rent it out. We went back the next day with our camera to take some pics but found the side gate locked. (Someone probably reported the trespassers the day before-oops!) We called the realtor to see if he could show us but he informed us that it had been sold already. I am sure the buyer is planning on coming in and clearing it out and cleaning it up hopefully to what it once was. We loved our little house and it will always be dear to us and I will always try to remember how it was when we lived there. Such great memories!

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Niftymomof4 said...

That is sad. Especially when you have good memories in a place. I remember that you liked looking at houses for sale all the time. Too funny. Well hopefully whoever bought it will make it right.