Monday, December 8, 2008

All Important Christmas List

Yeah I know that my boys are getting older but I still require them to make a Christmas wish list or what was formerly called their letter to Santa. They know that if they do not write out a list that they take the chance of getting nothing for Christmas or better yet, socks and underwear. Now I have been saving these lists for years and they have become priceless. (Of course I made copies because the originals were sent to Santa;) It is interesting reading the lists through the years and to see how they have changed. Gone are the days of asking and wishing for toys...simple toys. Toys that were fun to shop for and that did not cost very much and yet would bring the biggest smile to their faces. Gone are the days of waiting in line at Toys R Us the day after Thanksgiving walking out with a cart full of toys and not breaking the bank to do so. One of my favorite years was when Matthew had on his list: weapons and vending machine. That is when I realized that times were changing and also that I was dwelling in a definite "boy" house....I think that Adam asked for the same things that year:)
I love also the differences in Zacks and Matthews lists. Matthews are scrawled out on a piece of paper, barely legible, with many crossed out words and messy. Zacks are written very neatly in cursive writing, very legible, adorned with his artwork of Christmas symbols and the word "please" written on the bottom. Gotta love it!
Now their lists are full of very expensive items and ones that are not fun to shop for. In fact I pretty much let Adam take care of the shopping now. He knows this stuff better than me. I do miss the days of the many toys and them having alot of presents to open on Christmas morning instead of now only having maybe one or two because of the cost of each item. I still hope that whatever they may get that I will still see that joy in their face on Christmas morning. I know that Christmas is not all about gifts but I do get that excitement of seeing my kids excited as they open their gifts. It brings joy to my heart!


Robert and Natalie said...

I need to take some blogging lessons from you I think this is one of my favorite places to come! Your house looks awesome want to come decorate mine!

McB's said...

ahhhh look how cute they were! i am starting to feel the need for "big girl" toys and yes, very expensive she is getting, ugh! have a great christmas!

Kaye said...

Boys are all the same....Scott and James's lists are always the same too! I am thinking Matthew will be a doctor...he is smart and he has the correct handwriting!

Name: Bliss said...


Thank u for checking out my fire story and such. (& the kind words.)

Somethings just beg to be written about ( . . like swords, fires, babes.) See? We have more in common with men than we thought!


Your guys are just the cutest - and your site fantastically done.

See you soon?
Sharon ('Bliss')

Kim said...

I know what you mean..I just got a call from the fraud department from one of my CC's since I had to drop so much at one stinking store. I should own stock in American Girl...