Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Parties

This last week the Christmas festivities have begun! Last Thursday night we had our Ward's RS Christmas Progressive Dinner. It was such a great time, chatting it up and laughing with the girls all night. My cheeks and my stomach muscles hurt from laughing too much! The RS put together a nice meal for us and a nice slide show and all in all it was a great night. Good food, good entertainment and great friends! Who could ask for more? (Sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera:(

Then last Friday night we had our Ward Christmas Party. The primary kids put on the nativity scene and Zack was able to play Joseph, which will probably be his last time playing it for Primary because he moves up to YM's next year. I remember many times being in the Nativity. I believe I always played an angel (or an animal), I never got to be Mary. Whats up with that? Anyways the nativity was quite enjoyable, really not in a spiritual way but an entertaining way. Can we just say that it was WWF meets the Christmas Story? It was enjoyed by all, at least our table:) Then Santa came and of course I had to get pictures of my boys with Santa, even though they are saying they are too old, as long as they live in my house a picture with Santa is a must. The Christmas season is the best!!
Zack as Joseph

Matthew and Zack with Santa

Blast from the past
Me as an angel and my brother as a shepherd


Jo said...

I'm glad everyone thought it was so humorous. Seriously. It was quite torturous to those of us who were suppose to be left in charge but had no idea what was going on. :)

Julie Campbell said...

Your blog is so fun! Thanks for letting me know about it. I will be checking back.

Your Christmas party sounds fun.

cindy said...

how come there is a sign in the background in the picture of you and mark with your dad's name on it?

Pam said...

To answer Cindy's question....that is when my Dad was in the Air Force and we lived in Vandenberg AFB. All the houses had the names and rank of the people living there. Don't ask my why-

E-Star said...

So when the terrorists enter the base they can go right to the important people's homes...j/k
I really miss Progressive dinners... I love seeing other peoples homes, especially at Christmas.