Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So much to be thankful for......

Thanksgiving was the best!! We were able to go to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with all of my family...all 46 of us now and soon to be 49 with 3 babies being born this next year. It is amazing how it keeps on growing. It was great to see everyone and spend time catching up with one another. My Dad is doing amazing and it looks as though we will have him longer than the 6 months that they gave him to live. His cancer has shrunk and we have definitely witnessed the power of prayer and fasting. We are thankful for every extra day we have him here on earth:)

We had Thanksgiving dinner at a beautiful lodge in Zion's, (courtesy of my parents), that was absolutely delicious! That night we all got together down at the clubhouse in their neighborhood and were able to enjoy dessert and games. All in all the weekend was great. We enjoyed football, bowling, golfing, movies and most importantly spending time with one another. I sure do love my family and feel so blessed to be a part of it. There are too many pictures to post so I am only posting a few-
Look alike cousins

Driving Range

All the return missionaries in the family singing "Called to Serve"


Cool bowling shoes----flourescent!

The boys with their grandparents

Our little family
Thanksgiving dinner
Huge table and this wasn't even all of us!


Rachel said...

HUGE family. looks like so much fun.

Kaye said...

I have been thinking all day long about how rude I was for not even asking you about your Thanksgiving today! I'm glad you posted about it so I could read it. You left the part out about Matthew knocking you down in the football game....I love driving your kids around, I get to hear about the good stuff :))

Pam said...

I am surprised he told you. Yes, it is true my own son Matthew tackled me hard in our "friendly" football game...right onto the pavement.He felt really bad about it especially because we were only playing touch football because we were on the street and it was raining! Totally scraped my whole left side! Did he tell you it was because I made a sweet interception? I bet he forgot that part.

Robert and Natalie said...

I am so glad your Dad is doing well That is so nice to have that much family all together!

Suz said...

Pam- I LOVE your blog (I found the link from Paula's blog). I think the pictures of your family are great. I swear your parents look the same as they did when we were in High School. I'm glad your dad is doing better than expected. Thanks for visiting Emily's web-site! - Suzanne Bergen

Mandi and Rob said...

It was so much fun and so good to see everyone.