Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100% Attendance----Not!

Matthew is the child that will not miss school for anything. I knew that kids like that existed but I was definitely not one of them! If I was having a bad hair day I would miss school, so I just don't understand the need to go to school EVERYday! But to Matthew it is very important and mind you he does bring home straight A's so that might be the trick that I never grasped. He can be sick as a dog, tired beyond tired, have a chance to go somewhere cool or to leave on vacation early and he will not hear of it-----he cannot miss school or seminary! Now mind you last year we booked a cruise that had him miss the first 3 days of school and you would have thought that we destroyed his life! But he agreed to it and had the time of his life but did kindly ask that we never do that again. How dare we have him miss school! It just cracks me up! I have to admire him though because I just was not that way and my grades showed that. Just for those who think that I really had bad grades, I did not, but I didn't have straight A's. But enough of sharing too personal of stuff about me.

So Matthew, besides missing the first 3 days of school, has not missed anymore days this school year and he has not missed one day of seminary. In fact he really wanted to get 100% attendance for seminary this year. He has been sick but he still kept going. For the last week and a half he has been battling a bad case of strep throat but he kept going to seminary, to school and to volleyball practice. He just would not give up! But today he got something that would keep him from going, he couldn't even think about going. He has the stomach flu and woke up throwing up! That put a quick stop to his plans for the day. There goes his perfect attendance in seminary and his goal for not missing anymore school this year! That is the one thing that will do it. Not much you can do when your stomach is upset and I don't think the people around him would be too happy to have him there. So Matthew is home today and hopefully just the one day
so that he can return tomorrow. I think he needs the day just to let his body recover from being sick for the last 2 weeks so it will be good for him to rest anyways. It is so funny though because here he is at home laying on our well covered couch so that he gets no germs on it and he is sleeping off and on and watching the history channel. So even though he is home sick he is still learning. He is so different from me but I love him!! Hope he feels back to normal soon!


Suz said...

Pam - I think it's great that he is so dedicated to school. We were not that dedicated were we? You missed school if it was a "Bad Hairday", I missed if it was a "Good Zuma Beach Day"! - Suzanne Bergen

Jaimers said...

I hope he recovers! Can you please come and teach me how to be a parent? I want my kids to be like Matthew!