Thursday, April 23, 2009

Four Eyes

I took the boys for the first time ever to the Optomerist this last week to get their eyes checked. Neither one of them have ever complained about not being able to see and they always passed the eye chart exam given at their physicals so I never saw the need. But last time I went in to update my glasses the doctor said I should bring them in. And I thought with Matthew beginning to drive I better make sure he has really good vision! Why not, our insurance pays for it.

Well, Matthew has perfect vision. I was sitting really close to the eye chart with my contacts in and I couldn't even see the lines of letters that he was reading. Whatever! But Zack does have a stigmatism so the doctor said that he would need glasses for things such as reading or use them when he is far from the white board at school, etc. To say the least, Zack was not too excited. But it is not like he needs to wear them all the time so I bet that most people will never see him in his glasses. So since you won't being seeing him I thought I would post a picture of him with them on. I love them! I think he looks so cute and so smart! Like he said if anyone makes fun of him and calls him Four Eyes he will just respond by saying "Four eyes are better than two!"


Rachel said...

He really looks darling in them.

Cindy said...

yesterday at the temple we were doing sealings and in the room was the brother of my roommate from byu...anyway he's an opthamoloist in TO (i knew that) but it reminded me that not only do i need my eyes checked out--but so do my kids...i think glasses are cool and good-looking

Rosey Posey said...

He does look handsome in glasses.