Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We were able to make it to Utah for Easter Sunday and spend it with my Mom and Dad. We were not able to leave until Saturday because unfortunately we have been battling sickness in our home and we were giving more time to Zack to get better so that he would not get anybody else sick. We got the OK from the doctor and we did a quick trip up on Saturday, spent Easter Sunday with family and came back home on Monday because Adam had to work on Tuesday. It really was a quick trip but it really was worth it to spend time with family. It was great to see my parents, as always. My Dad was not feeling that great because he has been really nauseous and has been losing weight so the cancer is still doing a number on him. We are hoping the doctors will know more this week about what may be causing this latest battle for him. It was so good to see him though and I only wish that I lived closer to him so that I could be of more help on a daily basis but at least they are only 6 1/2 hours away. Since we have been married that is the closest that we have lived to them!

We were also able to spend some time with my sister and many of our neices and nephews and their kids. It was great seeing them and all their kids are so cute! It is fun to see my parents with their great grandkids because I never knew my great grandparents so what a treat to see that they know theirs and get to see them often. I think that is wonderful! My Mom had a Easter egg hunt for the great grandkids and so Matthew and Zack got to hide the eggs this year. The Easter bunny visited them also with a box of goodies from their grandparents and a basket full of stuff when we got home. There is way too much candy around our house. When do kids get too old to get an Easter basket?




Great Grandpa and Kamden

I think that I must take too many pictures because I cannot get them to pose seriously anymore-

My 3 handsome boys on Easter Morning

All in all it was a great Easter! Now we have a week for Spring Break without much to do. That's a first!

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