Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoying the Sunshine

I don't complain about the weather much because we do live in CA and most of the time the weather is perfect but I wish that it was a bit warmer for Spring Break. I pictured us spending much of our week at the beach, basking in the sun and enjoying the waves. But that was not the case, it was too cold, not freezing but definitely not beach weather. The boys and I did go on Thursday when it seemed it was getting nicer but the beach was cold and windy so we only got to enjoy skipping rocks and them flying their boogie boards like kites. Sand blowing everywhere!
Well on Friday the weather started to improve so we took advantage of it, with Adam having the day off, and went to spend the day in Santa Barbara. It was beautiful! Last time when my sister and I were out there, eating on the pier, we noticed people kayacking in the harbor and under the pier so I wanted to do this. It was great! We had a great time kayacking! Zack had never done it before but he caught on real fast and was able to go solo. Only me, who wasn't too sure of my kayaking skills, rode tandem with Adam. Plus it was nice because if I just wanted to take in my surroundings and watch the seals and pelicans, I could just sit back and let Adam do the rowing! Perfect day, perfect weather, wonderful family time!

Also while we were walking along the beach our attention was called by a lady and her mother who had a flat tire and they needed to get to LA. So , of course, Adam who is always willing to help jumped right in and changed her tire for her. It was a good learning experience for the boys because I don't think that either one of them has changed a tire before. I know in the picture it looks like they were not helping at all but Adam did have them do much of it. So it was a good learning experience and the damsels in distress were very thankful:)

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Cindy said...

I don't care what others say...Adam really is a sweetheart...(hahahahaha)

really though---he is.

I am glad you enjoyed kayaking...when I went out once and i saw a seal i totally panicked thinking that the seal could knock me off the kayak...and then i would be in the water with all those fish...and well you know how i feel about that...some things are just tooo scary to ponder.