Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Toy Story"

Zack reminded me the other day about this and I had forgotten this sweet memory. The movie "Toy Story" was such a big hit when the boys were young and I have got to admit it was one of my favorite movies at the time. We had every Toy Story toy that you could think of, in fact I believe I still have a storage box full of them! Why I still have them----I do not know?? Well when Zack was a just a little one, every time he would see a jet trail in the sky.............

.............we would tell him that it was Buzz Lightyear. So for many years to come everytime he saw that in the sky he would yell out "There's Buzz Lightyear!" It would make him smile everytime!
And since he reminded me of it the other day I have a feeling everytime he sees that trail in the sky he thinks of Buzz still:) Thinking that brings a smile to my lips:)


Cindy said...

you know toy story is releasing another sequel...andy goes to college...how dare they play on my emotion!!!

Jo said...

So he must be so excited for the new "Toy Story" coming this summer, right? I know I am! Maybe he can be my date ;) hehehehe!