Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good News/Bad News

Matthew was so wanting a job this summer and we were soooo wanting him to get a job. With him driving, he has depleted his money on gas and any extra money we might have! He went to a job fair about a month ago and filled out a few applications there and he was very happy to hear back from one of the places and they scheduled an interview with him. He dressed professional and took them a resume with a copy of his school transcripts (so cute!) and he was asked to come back for a second interview. Well finally after three interviews and a drug test, he was offered the job yesterday! Hallelujah! He will be the new cashier at the local Best Buy- He is so happy and also excited to be getting a paycheck (and so are we)! We have joked that now he will also get to see Dad more often because Adam is always at Best Buy doing retail therapy. So it is a win win!

Now with Good News always comes Bad News---Zack was fired yesterday from his trash can job

He has been taking out and taking in the trash cans for our neighbor for the last two years and they have been paying him for it but times are hard and they need to cut back so they let him go. I am hoping that he will just do it for them for free, just to be neighborly.....but we thought it was pretty funny that on the day that Matthew got hired--Zack got fired.


Kim said...

What a sad little face from Zach :( but good news for Matthew. Does he get a discount? Then it'd be a win for Adam too :)

Rachel said...

We are in the throws of job finding over here too. I'm sending Jake to Best Buy today...maybe he could use Matthew as a reference:)

Jo said...

So exciting for matthew! They do get a killer discount at best buy so very cool!!! So sorry for zack tho. something else will come along

Kaye said...

Poor Matthew, he'll be seeing a lot more of Scott, plus Scott will bring the kids :) Congrats on more independence for Matthew!!!