Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hymns in the Home

We have always had alot of music in our home and I love it! The kind of music has changed alot over the years and in the last few years the music heard from our house comes in the way of guitars and drums...the boys choice of instruments. We hear plenty of Weezer, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Mind you I like this kind of music also....the cleaned up versions at least. Most importantly I love that the boys love music and they are exploring many different instruments and they enjoy practicing them. Recently though a wonderful thing has happened!.........

We have a very inspired Bishop in our Ward that realized that it would be nice for the young men to practice their hymn playing for they will find this talent useful on their missions and in their life. He has called Matthew and Zack (and other YM) to be the Priesthood pianists at church. They don't have a piano to play on but they use the lovely church issued keyboard that they get from the library. It has been a long time since the boys have really sat down and practiced the piano besides when they figure out how to play a rock song on it. Because of a truly inspired Bishop my boys are excited at not only having a calling but also fulfilling it. On their own they are practicing the Church hymns (yes-I said on their own) and most importantly they are enjoying it!
This was my whole goal when we paid for piano lessons many years ago for them------I just wanted them to be able to play hymns. They are pretty rusty at the hymns but slowly they are coming along and with practicing I know that they will become better. So far it has been a blessing in their lives and I am so thankful for the opportunity that they have to serve this way. Almost every morning this is what I see and I could not be more happy:)


AJsGirls said...

What a couple of studs! Love all the posts. And Matthew working! Does he get a discount? :)

Jo said...

Those "celestial" Walden boys never cease to amaze me! ;) Seriously, I'm very impressed!