Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mormon Prom

Matthew had such a busy Saturday last week. He had the SAT test in the morning, which he felt very prepared for, but when he got there and tried to check in he realized he forgot his ID (what??) so I had to race over there to bring it to him and he made it in by just a couple of seconds. What am I going to do with that boy? Anyways, right after the test he had band practice all afternoon and had to do some studying for upcoming AP tests! It is a good thing that it only took him 30 minutes to get ready for the prom that night:)

It was Matthew's first prom and I thought he looked pretty sharp. I love a man in a suit! He had a really great time and I think he enjoyed the formal feel to the night. He actually enjoys getting all dressed up formally. I remember that from my nephew's wedding where he was ring bearer.....he loved going around in his little formal tux. So cute!

I loved seeing all the youth in the stake dressed up. They all looked wonderful (and modest)!

These boys have been friends for a long time, growing up in the same ward. So fun to see such cute little boys grow up to be such fine young men. I am glad that Matthew has such great friends!

Raising teenage boys can be crazy at times but it is fun to see them grow and mature and make memories (good memories) that they will have for a lifetime!

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Catherine & Jonathan Edie said...

Don't worry Matthew, I did the same thing. Only I was taking the test in Mesquite!!! AHHH! I ended up bringing in my State Farm Insurance Card and luckily they let me in.