Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you ready for some football??

I have to honestly say that I love watching football. I am so looking forward to football season starting and watching the games and playing our fantasy football team. I love it!! At least we have had the Olympics to watch so that has filled my need to watch a game. We are so addicted to the Olympics that every night we have been going to bed well past midnight. Usually if we are watching TV at night the 11 o'clock news will come on and then we know that it is time for bed. (Even though we should be going to bed earlier than that) But with Olympics on we have no idea how late it is so we have had some really late nights in the Walden household. That might be why we have all been a little grumpy......we need sleep!!

Anyways, back to football - I love watching it but I am not sure if I will like watching my own boy play. Every time I hear the helmets crash together my body cringes and I am so worried about him being hurt. Somehow I like that sound when I am watching a game on TV but I do not like it when I am watching my son practice and we haven't even started games yet! It might be a loooong season for me. But he is loving it and he sure looks cute in his uniform!


Heather Harris said...

oh goodie you are doing football too. I actually like the sound of the helmets hitting. I hope your son has a good season.

Jo said...

He does look so cute in his uniform! Go Zack!!!!