Friday, August 1, 2008


Growing up I really missed out on the fun of having cousins that I was close to. I had cousins (not many) but none of them were very close to us and it wasn't because my parents didn't try. We would go visit them but they never made the effort to visit us or get too close to us so we really missed out on that cousin friendships. I am so happy that my parents have made every effort to make sure that we are all close as siblings and that our kids are really close and my boys have the best cousins. I love it! Their cousins range from my oldest nephew who I believe is 33 down to the youngest who is 8 and there are alot in between. They now have 13 second cousins (and growing) that they have fun with. And I am just talking about my side of the family so they have more from Adam's side. I am so happy that they get to experience these great times with their cousins and to nourish those relationships that mean so much.
We just had two of their cousins stay with us for a week while their Mom was at Girls Camp and we had such a good time. It was fun to have a girl in the house and yes she did bring her Barbies because she knows Aunt Pam loves playing with Barbies...especially Barbie hairdresser. We had a great time swimming, bowling, backyard campout on the trampoline, ripsticking, video game marathons, playing games, etc. I love that my boys love their cousins!!

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Kaye said...

Is that my quilt Matthew is using on the trampoline?