Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Beach Summer

I have a horrible confession to make. In past summers I have never taken my kids to the beach more than 3 times but this summer I made it a goal to make it to the beach more times than what I can count on one hand. Don't I have such high goals!?! But I have surpassed my goal and we really were able to enjoy the beach many times this summer and best of all enjoy it with our friends. It has been wonderful and I am sad to see summer come to an end. Even if I had nothing else planned for the week I at least had Tuesdays (Beach Day) to look forward to. Thanks to all the friends that have made Beach Tuesday the best day of the week! I wanted to add some pictures to remind me of the good times; boogie boarding, playing in the sand, and enjoying others company. Good times...good times!

Matthew and Trevor flying a Winnie the Pooh kite. How sweet!!

Whats the beach without this cute face there. Love you KC!

The Group

Zacks typical "pondering man" pose-

The little ones enjoying themselves

Zack and Branden always with the "thumbs up" sign-

Matthew looking for the perfect wave


Suzanne said...

Such lofty goals to go more than one hand. :) Sometimes people ask if I miss the beach, but I was not really a "beach" person enough to miss it. I was kinda like you and went @ 3 times a year. I think the kids kinda miss it.

Mandi and Rob said...

Oh I am jealous. I want to go to the beach. I have got a tan this year from ball games and taking the kids to the pool a couple of times. I have not had color in like 10 years.

E. Rose said...

So why am I eating in that picture!! Arrghhh, I think I did that on purpose to be funny--but doesn't look so funny!!

E-Star said...

I think it is time to move back to CA.... are beach Tuesday's continuing next summer? If so I will see you there! (Don't you love how I just invite myself?)