Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom Likes ME Best!!

I was school shopping with Zack today and I cracked up when Zack found this shirt to try on. For years whenever Zack is sitting next to me or snuggling with me (yes, he still snuggles with me) or hugging me, unbeknowndest (is that a word??) to me he would be mouthing the words "Mom likes ME Best" to Matthew. I never realized it until Matthew finally said to me one day that I do like Zack best and then he told me what Zack has been doing. What a booger....he just does it to bug Matthew! But the thing I like is that it did bug Matthew! I sure do love my boys and I am so happy to know that they love me because they tell me all the time and show me all the time. I am truly blessed! So this shirt is perfect for Zack - - - he has been saying this for years! No favorites here though they are both my favorites - Moms are capable of that. And don't worry the shirt was only $5 and he will not be wearing it to school, maybe to the beach but not school!


Jaimers said...

That is hilarious! It's nice to have your boys fight over you. I hope James does the same for me, but then I know I'll have a hard time giving him up for some other girl when he finds romance some day. I just like to reflect on these times are being all mine, though!

Lori said...

He'll probably be wearing it around the house every day just to bug Matthew.

Kim said...

Did you buy one for Matthew?