Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are Complete Once More

Matthew has been gone at Scout Camp this last week and he finally arrived home yesterday. Yeah! It sure seems like he has been away from home alot this summer but I guess that is what happens as they get older. In a way I think it is preparing us for when he goes on a mission. Only 4 more years!! Unreal!

He had an absolute blast at Scout camp this year. It was really nice because he has already earned his Eagle so he was able to do whatever fun merit badges he wanted to do and just relax and enjoy his time there and that is what he did. He still came home with 4 merit badges but they were Rowing, Sailing, Fishing and Wildlife and Archery. It was a great time because it was a multi-stake scout camp and even Brother Dahlquist, the General YM President, came up for a day and spoke with them and shook each of their hands. Matthew was giving us some grief about going but I know that he is now very happy that he did but we are glad to have him back home.

Unfortunatley when he arrived home yesterday no one was here to greet him. Our ward Primary had a family beach day that we were at and then after that we had to chaperone a Young Adult beach party that evening. So we were gone from 9am that morning to almost 9pm that night. It was a very loooong day but a fun one. But Zack was just chomping at the bit to get home and see his brother, I love the fact that they really missed each other. Matthew and Zack might fight alot but I know that they are best buds and it thrills me when I see them show their brotherly love. And I love that when they are apart they usually end up purchasing something for the other one or making something. This time Matthew bought a Camp Kern hat (looks like a beret) for Zack and Zack saved half of a candy bar for Matthew and had made him a card that he sent to Matthew up at camp. I relish in the thoughtfulness that they have for each other but one question...where's my gift?? Just kidding. They really are wonderful boys!!


McB's said...

Your background is so cool! I love reading all your stories. By the way, how do you find people on blogger?

Heather Harris said...

I can't believe you are talking about scout camp when my kids have been back in school for 2 weeks. Enjoy your summer it goes by to fast. You have great kids.

Kaye said... have been tagged. Go to my blog to see what to do.