Tuesday, May 20, 2008


For some strange reason the word haircut is a bad word in our house. Whenever the boys hair is getting way too long and I mention "the word", they go running and refuse to go. I have tried telling them that we are not going to get it cut but we are just going to have the hairdresser "shape" it. This use to work until they had a couple of times the "shaping" turned into a full on short hair cut. Who knew that boys would be so fussy about their hair! Well, Zack was definitely in need of a haircut and usually after I have him get it cut he says "Oh I do like it better!" but everytime I remind him of this he forgets that he liked it and he keeps refusing to get his hair cut. He finally relented and said he would get his haircut for Mothers Day and the results are that he does like it so much better....his hair was way too long. So I took pictures, before and after, so that he will remember how much he likes it when it is "shaped" and it won't be such a struggle next time!

Looks much better Zack-

The typical Walden boy pose.....we simply call it the "Walden Pose". Doesn't show the haircut real well, but oh well!


Mandi and Rob said...

We have this problem as well. At such a young age Jonah loves his hair long. I like his hair longer too. At the end of the year he had to get it cut short because he would not hold still. So He told me, "don't worry mommy I will grow it back for you".

Kim said...

I have this same problem with my boy...I mean husband. And I love the Walden pose. I think it should be your tennis victory pose Pam.

Kim said...

Actually, not even your victory pose. Just walk aorund the court like that when you're not playing... You'll intimidate us all into defeat.

Heather Harris said...

I feel your pain. Oh do I feel your pain.

Tell him he looks very handsome! Ü

Jo said...

He's cute all the time -- long hair or short. Robert refuses to get his hair cut too. He says he likes it better shaggy. Maybe it's a boy thing?????