Friday, May 9, 2008


We have something in our house that we refer to as "Zackisms", they are the funny sayings that Zack entertains us with everyday. I am so sad that I have not kept a notebook to fill with these sayings and unfortunately I have a horrible memory but as I remember them I now will just write them down. I believe that there is always at least one child that is sent to humor the family. Even though both my boys can be quite funny, Zack is definitely one that keeps us laughing with some of his observations and witty sayings.

Last night I picked up Zack from track practice and he was quick to tell me that he had been "pantsed", or I guess you could say "de-pants", otherwords his shorts were pulled down. He said that this kid on his team went around and "pantsed" about 10 of them right there in the middle of the football field. Boys, boys, boys! Now some kids might be mortified by this and some of them were. Zack and some of his friends already have plans to get this kid back. I asked Zack if it embarrassed him and he replied "No, it did not and that he actually enjoyed it. It felt refreshing!" It felt refreshing as he stood there with his shorts around his ankles?

Should I be concerned? Do I have a future streaker in our family????


Kim said...

Isn't that normal for boys? I have 4 brothers and this seems mild compared to some of their antics. It seems that showing their behinds to each other is common with this species.

Heather Harris said...

so what you are saying is, you have a Joseph Smith and you have a streaker. Gotta love it! Ü

RSHixon said...

Oh my that is so funny.

E-Star said...

Refreshed...I am totally laughing right now! Well you could see it that you succeeded in raising a confident child! Way to go Mom!