Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Missing Piece

Whenever one of my boys are on an overnighter or at Scout Camp they are definitely missed. With only 2 boys, you take one away and it totally changes the dynamics of the family. Zack has been at a Revolutionary War overnighter with his school class and we have truly missed him. Whats going to happen when they go on a mission, I am going to be a wreck! Actually I won't be because I will be so relieved that they made it!
Another "Zackism" : I was talking to the boys the other day about the fact that I hope that we have done a good job in teaching them how to treat girls; being respectful, nice, etc. Zack says "Oh Mom, I know how to deal with girls. You just act cool and play hard to get." Yikes!


RSHixon said...

I always feel the empty spot when my boys are on overnighters as well. The sad part is that Stephen goes to. That makes a BIG hole in my bed!

Jo said...

Oh No!! That's EXACTLY what my husband says. Pam, BEWARE. Just BEWARE!!!

Kaye said...

The absence of each child makes a difference....it's bad to say that sometimes it is a positive change. Curtis is gone this weekend...he's the one that makes a huge difference when he's not here, we really miss him when he's gone....George and Charlie not so much! I know what you mean about the mission thing...bittersweet!