Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day Everyday...Please!!!!

Mothers day started out great because Saturday was a Girls Day Out! I was able to go to the Time Out For Women down in San Diego with a bunch of my friends. We had to start early (5:30am) but it was such a great day and the company was wonderful. Usually I don't look forward to the drive to San Diego and especially going down in the morning and coming back the same day but when your with friends it was wonderful and the time flew by. It was fun to laugh together, cry together (OK there were no tears) but it was fun laughing together! Such a fun time! I also got to meet my sister and sister-in-law down there and it is always great to spend time with them. The speakers were wonderful and quite have got to love John Bytheway and the music was great also. Top off the day with dinner at CPK together and that makes for a fantastic day! Thanks girls, we will do it again soon-

Then when I got home it was so nice because the boys were all still out at Fry's shopping for electronics, of course. They had a great guys day with their sporting events, they went to the movies, shopping and out to eat. The house was pretty clean and they had a vase of flowers waiting for me. What's funny though is that it was not roses like I usually get for special occasions which I was surprised. In fact they were carnations! Carnations?! Adam has never gotten me carnations. That is a definite step down from roses, whats up with that? Not that I am ungrateful or anything, I was not expecting flowers so the thought was definitely nice. But carnations? Not my favorite flower. Well Adam explained that he thought I did not like roses because when we were cleaning the side of the house last month I wanted to remove the rose bushes that were there. The reason I wanted to remove them is because no one sees them there and whenever I am over there doing stuff I always get snagged by the thorns. I hate it! Me and the rosebushes have had some battles and I am ready to conquer the battle once and for all. So Adam thought I did not like roses and so he got me a different kind of flower this time. So I understand and they actually don't look that bad, this time.

Then Sunday was wonderful because Matthew gave a talk in Sacrament and it was a wonderful tribute to Mothers and Zack sang with the Primary and after they sang all the children came down and gave their Moms kisses. Loved it! I could not have asked for a better weekend!


E-Star said...

I am so glad you had a good mothers day! I thought Adam was being really smart...the founder of mother's day in America actually passed out white carnations to mothers in her church. So I thought he was going back to the purist mother's selling out for Adam...(-=
His real reason was funny and sweet that he would remember your frustrations and jump to that conclusion! Down with all roses!

Suzanne said...

Sometimes the most innocuous comments made around holidays effect the gifts that we're given. Funny how mens' minds work.

It's still sweet that he got you carnations.

Kaye said...

I am sad I missed the trip down to San Diego....I'm glad you guys had a fun day, and a nice Mother's Day.
You deserved it.

Jo said...

That was my favorite day of the whole weekend! Thanks for the good times!