Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seminary Has Changed Our Lives

Matthew started seminary this year and to tell you the truth it has been wonderful! Yes, it is early morning so we are all up by 5:30am but let me just tell you the few reasons why I love it-

1. We now all get up at the same time as Adam so we are able to see him off to work.

2. We are able to read the scriptures together as a family before taking Matthew to seminary.

3. Zack gets up early also so he has time to practice the piano in the morning before going to school.

4. Matthew loves seminary and he is learning so much about the Old Testament......he teaches me something new everyday. He has an awesome teacher! He cannot imagine starting his day without it!

5. And because on Thursdays, Matthew doesn't start school 'till 9am so after seminary we have time to go out to breakfast. The boys and I have enjoyed trying different places from donut shops to restraunts to Corner Bakery. The latest place we love to go is Panera, they have wonderful bagels! I love having these moments with my boys, it is a great way to start the day. Today Zack informed me that "You know Mom, we will be doing this for another 7 years", and I said "Yippee!"


Suzanne said...

I'd like to hear your thoughts in seven years. :) I'm not looking forward to the early morning rush, but I still have a few years to go.

RSHixon said...

Jake starts this year, I'm so excited!!

Kaye said...

I notice you posted this at 11:13PM...please tell me you take naps or something.....I really do want to be like you! When I read #2, all I thought was HOLY CRAP!!! We can barely get up at 6:45 to do that, and even then it is a challenge, plus we usually have at least one fight break out during it......James starts when Zack does...can he move in then?

Jo said...

That's so cool, Pam. You're such a good mama. I hope I grow up to be just like you someday.

E. Rose said...

What a fun thing!! Your boys will always remember this "righteous tradition" as they say in General Conference. :)

E-Star said...

Holy Cow! I am impressed... I like how you have turned what could be a moment to complain to a positive and focused only on the good this will bring your family...Those positive thoughts on track meets must be rubbing off on other areas in your life!