Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boys did Good!

This year for Christmas the boys did not go out with Adam to get me a gift as they usually do. This year they went shopping together, without Dad, to pick out a gift for me. Since neither one of them drives they needed my help to get them to the store. They asked me if they could be dropped off at Home Goods and I had to promise not to follow them in or look at what they come out with. Me, loving surprises, agreed that I would not dare peek. They know me so well and know that they really couldn't go wrong in a store such as Home Goods. I was very curious at what they would pick out for me without the help of their father but I knew that even if it was a wooden spoon, I would be thrilled!

Well, Christmas morning arrives and they are so anxious to give me my gift from them, that they make me open it first. As I opened it I was thinking to myself "please don't be too hideous" because I knew that it was something that I would have to have sitting out in my house and pretend to enjoy. But then I realized that it could be anything and it would be beautiful to me because it came from my precious boys. Well, my boys did good. They bought me this beautiful dish that I love and it is my favorite color. They do know what I like!

But what really amazed me is that they didn't just get the dish, they also got a bag of Lindor Truffles. They know I love chocolate and they thought that I could put them out on my new beautiful serving dish. I loved it! They definitely picked this gift out just for me and I appreciate the thought that they put into it. I felt so loved! It is a gift that I will cherish forever and everytime I look at it I will remember their thoughtfulness.


Heather said...

Very nice. You are training them well. There wives will thank you one day.

Suzanne said...

Nice dish, love the color. Your boys did good.

Jack decided that I needed glow in the dark bracelets. How did he know that was exactly what I wanted?!