Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Prayers Heard

I have always been taught that you can pray for anything, at anytime, and anywhere. I want to instill this in my children also. There are so many incidences and experiences that we have had that they have seen the power of prayer. It has helped their testimony of prayer grow stronger and it continues to make mine increase. I know that no matter what I am praying for, no matter how small or how big, Heavenly Father is listening and this is what I want my boys to know as they go through this life. We had another experience last week that reinforces this teaching, at least I think it does.

Ever since we came home from Utah at Thanksgiving time, Matthew had not been able to find his Ipod. He looked everywhere but to his disappointment he was never able to locate it. He said that he looked everywhere but sometimes I am a witness at how he looks for something and it is not always the most thorough. So I just figured that his Ipod was here, he just wasn't looking very well or I thought that maybe he left it up in Utah. When we went up to Utah for New Years we looked for it but no one had seen it and we didn't find it. Bummer! So when we got home, Adam got involved in the searching. Adam and Matthew started going through every cupboard and closet looking for it, pulling everything out. Of course, I am the first one to blame because I am the one who cleans up after everybody so it must have been Mom who stashed it somewhere. Like I always tell all of them, if they would put their own stuff away they wouldn't have to worry about Mom touching it. Right? Anyways, I hadn't remembered touching it, so I was no help. Well, I told Matthew that he needed to pray about it. I know it might seem silly to pray for a missing Ipod but I have found many things by praying for help....keys, wallet, etc. I don't know if he actually prayed about it but I know I did because this lost item was causing contention in our home. No sooner had I prayed for help, that for some strange reason I decided to clean my closet out. My closet is my messy area and it is always in need of a good cleaning. Mind you I started cleaning it and not with the intention that I was looking for his Ipod because I knew I would not put it in my closet, I just knew that it was the beginning of the year and it was time to organize everything. So I start cleaning the closet out. Now I have a pile of purses and bags that I have to sort through, which is funny in itself because I never carry a purse but I have a bunch of them. So I am hanging them up and for some reason I pick up my "Time Out for Women" bag and for whatever reason, I still do not know, I open the outside pocket. And what do I find there? Matthew's Ipod! What is it doing there? Amazed, relief, and happiness are some of the emotions I experience but also the feeling of dread because I did have it all along! Crud! But then we figure out that I had that bag on our trip to Utah and Matthew must have put it in there for some reason and we both forgot. However it got there, I was so excited to show Matthew and to say the least he was very happy! Once again my prayers were answered and I am so happy that Heavenly Father listens to us no matter how silly the prayer is:) Now if we could only find Adam's Tom-Tom....I will have to ask him if he has prayed for help????


Name: Bliss said...


I've always loved how Heavenly Father will listen to just any ol' thing we are willing to pray about.
He's so loving - and so patient with us!

Your Mom & Dad's story is wonderful.


Jo said...

You've inspired me. I've lost a Netflix DVD awhile ago and have looked every for it. It's time for a prayer. :)

PS: I'm glad it wasn't your fault after all!

Robert and Natalie said...

I am so glad to hear I am not the only mother that prays over lost toys :) Rob thinks I believe that my entire life is filled with divine intervention well it is!

Mandi and Rob said...

We are missing one of those as well. It has been missing since Jim and Teri's move though. Rob had a video ipod and when we were staying with Jim and Teri they moved. During their move it vanished. We have looked everywhere. We will keep praying. Since then he has replaced it but if we find it I will have my own. Can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks.

Andrea said...

Could you please pray to find my ipod too?